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The Mooney Aviation Company is US based manufacturer who offers single engineered aircrafts. The Mooney Aircrafts are leading the market by offering civil aircrafts from many years. The company has received many achievements, but production of the M22 Mustang is remarkable one. It was one of the fastest civilian piston powered engine with single prototype in the world of aviation industries.

The Mooney Aircrafts were started in the year 1929 by Arthur and Albert Mooney. The first aircrafts by the company was the Mooney Mite M18 model wrapped with appealing designs. Mooney includes variants in Mooney A2, Mooney M10, Mooney M18, Mooney M20 and Mooney M22. The designs, airframe, undercarriage, wings, empennage, fuel system, ram air are properly placed to give out effective flying experience. The Aircrafts offered by the Mooney has received good appreciation from the “Air Safety Foundation”.

Mooney Aircrafts offers various series in the aviation industries, but Mooney M20 is one such family that offers propeller driven aircraft, piston powered, featured with tricycle and low wing gear. As the name M20 signifies, that these series is the 20th model from the Mooney and great successor among the other series. From last 50 years, M20 offers various series such as Mooney M20 and Mooney M20A, Mooney M20B, Mooney M20C, Mooney M20 D, Mooney M20 E, Mooney M20F, Mooney M20G, Mooney M20J, Mooney M20K, Mooney M20 L, Mooney M20M, Mooney M20R, Mooney M20S, Mooney M20T and Mooney M20Tn.

The Mooney M20 series is built based on the fuselage lengths that include “Long Body types”, “Medium Body Types” and “Short Body type”. At present, only long body types is in the current production. The M20 models include four seats, with large space for head room and leg room area. The original M20 was introduced in the market in between 1955 – 1958 and soon the Mooney M20A, Mooney M20B, Mooney M20C, Mooney M20D, Mooney M20F and so on enter in the M20 series with one or the additional improvements.

The Mooney Super model M20E is associated with the Robin Miller, who is an Australian female pilot also known as “Sugar Bird Lady”. She worked with the Australian based company for the distribution in the polo vaccine in many parts of Australia. At present her aircraft model is kept preserved at the Jandakot Airport, Perth, Australia.

Aero Industries, who is well known for manufacturing various trailer accessories and tarping systems. Recently they announced total new partnership with the Trison Tarp Incorporation in order to provide customers service and tarp system based in Ontario.

The focus and mission particularly on the Trison Tarps is always been on them because of the exceptional services and quality products they offer in the industries. A operated business companies and family owned manufacturer Trison Tarps offers cable systems, aluminum products and rolling tarp mechanism in order to provide business atmosphere. This helps the employees to work in both pleasant and professional atmosphere with ease and comfort.

Dave Boyd, President of Aero Industries says that, “We are impressed with the way they work and level of services offered to the customers by the Trison Tarps. We are planning to invest as soon as possible with good value partnership with them, as we knew that it would definitely allow us to access more drivers. The Aero Industries are too dedicated with customer service been offered by the Trison Tarp and so we are totally rely on in receiving reliable and quality type of products.

Pilatus PC-12 is powered with single turbo passenger and cargo aircraft, which is manufactured by the Switzerland based company called Pilatus Aircrafts. The company was been established in the year 1939 and the model SB-2 Pelican who took its first flight in air. Soon after, the Pilatus started producing P-2 trainer in 1945 for Swiss Air force, in which 54 were used. This was further followed by P-3 military trainer, which produced 72 aircrafts for Swiss Air force and 6 Aircrafts for Brazilian Navy in the year 1953.

Pilatus PC-12 is a multipurpose aircrafts that was introduced in the market in 1994 and more than 1000 units were sold to the military and civil purposes. The main market for the PC-12 is the regional airliner and corporate transport. The Pilatus Aircrafts unveiled the PC-12 model in the annual convention in October 1989 at “National Business Aviation Association”. The prime flights of the model was taken place in 31st May, 1991 and were certified in the middle of 1991 for redesigning wings and addition of winglets for better improvement.

The Pilatus PC-12 Aircrafts is powered with single “Pratt & Whiteny Canada PT” engine of turboprop that is been certified with IFR operations. The PC-12 offers seating arrangement for nine occupants; six seats for corporate, combi version for four passenger and addition of three seats replaced with either five 0r 6 seats. The model is considered as the multi purpose aircrafts that is fully equipped with powerful electrical applications that facilitate power consuming application easily. The model employs in order to perform missions such as air ambulance, flight inspection, parachutist dropping, aerial surveillance and aerial photography.

The Pilatus PC-12 is available with several variants such as PC-12/41, PC-12/45, PC-12/47, PC-12/47E, PC-12M Spectre and U-28A. The operators of the PC-12 are Wasaya Airways, Image Air, Nakina Air Service, Seaport Airlines, Pascan Aviation, NAC Air, Peace Air and Bearskin Airlines respectively. The countries like Argentina, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, Finland, South Africa, Switzerland and United States employs PC12 Aircrafts respectively.

General Specifications

Crew : one or two pilots

Payload :
1, 500 kg

Capacity : 9 Passengers

Cruise Speed :
500 km/h

Wing loading : 174.3 kg/m2

Propeller : 4 blade minimum with Hartzell HC

Length : 14.40 m

Height : 4.26 m

Wing area : 25.81 m²

Tail wingspan : 5.20 m

Pilatus PC-12 is among the best model that has been introduced by the Pilatus Aircrafts based in Switzerland. The Pilatus PC-12 is powered with single turboprop engine as passenger and cargo aircrafts. The demand for these Aircrafts is huge, especially in the regional airliner and corporate transport operators.

Pilatus Aircrafts has announced the PC-12 model with the development of the annual National Business Aviation Association that was introduced in the year 1989, October. The two prototypes for the first flight has been overlook and taken place in the month of May on 31st, 1989. The Pilatus PC-12 has received the certification that was originally planted as by redesigning the wings and hence ensures the winglets performance by the safety Administration. The Swiss certification for the PC-12 was took place in the year 1994 on March 30 and was been approved from the US Federal Aviation Administration on July 15 in 1994.

The Pilatus PC-12 is well powered with Whitnet Canada PT6 and Pratt that includes turboprop engine for the PT6A-67B and is certifies with single pilot IFR operations through the winglets. This model was been choose in order to utilize the second flight crew member with standard seating arrangement of nine, six seats for the corporate class and combi version for the four seat passengers. The Three bench seat has been attached with transmission range of six and five and thus considered as the Pilatus best model.

The PC-12M is totally based on the PC-12, more powerful and equipped with addition of the power consuming equipments and are utilize for the second flight. This helps the PC-12M in order to perform the missions for air ambulance, flight inspection, parachutist dropping, aerial surveillance and aerial photography. This is in order to make the US market flourish because of the special mission with the PC-12 Spectre. Below are the special variants of the Pilatus PC-12 model that carries an huge market in the Civil Aviation.

  • PC -12/ 14
  • PC -12/ 45
  • PC -12/ 47
  • PC -12/ 47E
  • PC -12M Spectre
  • U – 28A

Operators for Pilatus PC-12

  • Pascan Aviavtion
  • Nakina Air Service
  • Seaport Airlines
  • Wasaya Airways
  • Peace Air
  • NAC Air
  • Bearksin Airlines
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • AirSprint Incorporation
  • Air Bravo Corporation

Qantas is going to cut the capacity targets in order to suspend the fiscal year for soaring fuel costs and all the effects for natural disasters occurred in Australia and many other parts. Though the cutting capacity is significant, but still Qantas are going to increase the fuel surcharges and also goint to reduce the management numbers.

The domestic capacity for the Qanta’s group is going too trimmed up to 8 % for 6 months through 30th June. The earlier target for the same was 14 %, whereas the international group wide is going to be reduced from 10 % to 7 % respectively.

At present the Qantas has already increased the fair charges and also the international rates of fuel surcharges for the month of March and February. Despite these the Jestar has boost the February prices in order to increase the baggage rates. In addition to this the Qantas spoke person said, that the forecast fuel prices and the current can be changed, which is again depended on the crucial cut offs.

The recent hike in the oil prices is the most challenging jobs and hence they have to face proper utilization while preparing the global financial crisis. It is expected the changes in the cost revenue for the current as well as future years are going to be disturbed. So get ready to enjoy the flight but don’t forget the fiscal plans that are been applied due to the cost cutting targets on the Qantas.

The Fairchild Aircrafts is an aerospace manufacturer that is based in Farmingdale, New York, San Antonio, Texas and Hagerstown, Maryland. The company was founded in 1925 by the Sherman Fairchild and at present they have subsidiaries with Division/ Fairchild Engine Divison, Ranger Aircraft Engine and Fairchild Aircraft Ltd. The company in the first production entered the market with fully enclosed hydraulic landing and cockpit gear. At one point, they were also known as the Fairchild Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

The Fairchild Aircrafts Ltd. for the Canada, Quebec, Longueil is an aircraft manufacturer within the period of 1920 to 1950, which served as one of the subsidiary for the Fairchild Company, United States. The Fairchild Merlin is an amazing variant from the particular manufacturer that is pressurized as the twin turbo prop business aircrafts offered by the Swearingen Aircraft and was later plant in the San Antonio, Texas.

The Fairchild Aircrafts in the earlier modification is well programmed by the Swearingen Aircraft. The Military operators for the Fairchild Aircrafts by Argentina for Argentina Air Force and Argentine Army, Belgium for Belgium Air Force, South Africa for by South African Air Force and No. 21 Squadron SAAF, Sweden for Sweden Air Force, Thailand and United States for United States Army.

The Fairchild Merlin IIIA, Fairchild Merlin IIIB and Fairchild Merlin IIIC are the three outstanding variants in the Merlin Aircrafts and are considered as the best in civil variants. The Military variants offers two models such as C-26 and UC-26C especially designed to suit the working conditions at the time of wars.

The Fairchild Merlin IIIA is in the production version of the Whitney Canada PT6A – 20 & Prat and is based on the Turboprop engines. The Fairchild Merlin IIIB is similar with the Garrett AiResearch TPE331 and this model too is based on the Turboprop engines. Fairchild Merlin IIIA, Fairchild Merlin IIIC is the redesigned model that is redesigned for the SFAR- 41 as the standard mechanism. The C-26 is one such model that is designated towards United States armed forces continued in the Metroliner series, whereas the UC-26 C is the built after the second army forces operated generally by the US Army from 89- 1471.

The Fairchild Company has still in the market for subcontracting work, electronics and retained space in order to offer various line up products for Aerospace industries.

More than 9,000 Staff members from Qantas Airlines are been threatening strike actions in order to they are not been paid properly. According to the media reports, the staff union are going to strike unless the Qantas don’t agreed to remove the cheap workers in the company.

Transport Workers Union officially represent the 9000 members from the Qantas Airways including catering staff, ramp, baggage handlers, refuellers and fleet. These people have already notified the strike action against the Qantas, unless they restrict the use of those cheap contract workers, who are creating trouble for the other c0-workers. The Union workers are also demanding to pay high annually with increase in 4 % and various contributions from the extra employer from the Qantas Airways.

The walkout jobs are going to be considering from the pilots, staff engineers from transport and baggage and aircraft refuellers. If the Qantas Airlines won’t prepare themselves in fulfilling all those need, the workers are not going proceed further for any kind of works. The job security is another phenomenon demanded by the Union members from the Qantas Airlines.

Spoke person of the Qantas Airlines said that, “We are disappointed extremely from the Union teams as they are putting such unrealistic demands and would not be considered by any aircrafts companies. These threats are just to get an attention towards the media and as such there was no job security mention in our rules neither any one from the aviation industries.

Qantas is making hesitation in order to agree the clauses related to job, as the loss of business and rising fuel prices occurred by the disasters in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. This is the major reason why the Qantas are not agreeing to the job securities plans. The members of the Union have decided not to go on strike till Easter, as they don’t want affect the tourism facilities. However, Qantas Airlines has enough of time to deal with the agreement that has been raised by the Union members.

North American Aircrafts is widely known for the manufacturer in US Aerospace with number of several models in historic aircrafts. The models such as P-51 Mustang fighter, T-6 Texan , B-25 Mitchell bomber, X-15 rocket plane, and various historic models, still rocking the aviation industries with their unmatched technical functions and features. The series of the aircrafts strengthen by expanding various models and types and at present the North American Aviation manufacturer is part of the Boeing Aircrafts.

North American Aircrafts T-28 is one of the popular models by the NMA, included with piston engine military aircrafts, mostly used by Air Force and Navy force by the United States of America. There are several variants of T-28 such as North American XT28, North American T28A, North American T28B, North American T28C, North American T28 Nomad, North American AT28D, North American YAT 28E, North American T28R1 Noair, North American R2 Nomair, North American Nomad Mark I and North American Nomad Mark II.

The two models such as North American T28B is an US Banvy version, generating 1, 425 hp, radial engine of Wright R1820-9, speed brake that is mounted on belly and 3-blade propeller, whereas the North American T28C offers an shortened propeller blade, with a tail hook on the carrier for landing training purposes. The North American T28- Xt28 is a prototype, North American T28D Nomad is converted from the T-28 A which hold an exceptional position in the US aviation industries.

The operators for the North American Aircrafts are Argentina Air Force, Bolivian Air Force, Cambodia Air Force, Congolese Air Force, Cuban Air Force, Ecuadorian Air Force, Haitian Air Force, Honduran Air Force, Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Royal Lao Air Force, Royal Moroccon Air Force, Nicaraguan Air Force, Phillippine Air Force, Republic of Korea Air force, Royal Saudi Air Force, Vietnam Air Force, Chinese Nationalist Air Force, Royal Thai Air Force, United States Army, Air Force and Navy, Uruguayan Air Force and Zaire Air Force.

The Aeroflot Russian Airlines ordered two Boeing 777-200ERs and six Boeing 777-300ERs recently. Initially these order were put unidentified on the Boeing’s website, but finally the suspense is out and Aeroflot officially announced the requirements of the Boeing Aircrafts.

The General Manager of the Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Vitaly Saveliev said that, “Buying Boeing Aircrafts are going to strengthen the network strategy, especially participating in the international growth and we are expecting a joint business with the Sky Team partners, where servicing of Sky cameras can be used in 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2014 Sochi Olympic Games”. The Combination of the performance, range and size offered by the Boeing 777 Aircrafts are exceptional and to extend the customer amenities, they have ordered the Boeing Aircrafts.

The CEO and President of the Boeing Aircrafts, Jim Albaugh said, “Aeroflot Russian Airlines is one of the fastest and world’s most innovating airlines, and we are thankful to them for ordering the Boeing Aircrafts.” The Boeing 777 has the economic efficiency, payload range capability and passenger comfort seating arrangement that will definitely going to help the Aeroflot in order to achieve ambitious goals and world class services.

The Boeing 777 is World’s successful long haul airplane, with twin engine, outstanding fuel efficiency, ranging capability, spacious cabin interiors, reliability and commonality. It also offers wider aisles, wider seats, more seating and more headroom, which delivers exceptional value for the investor.

Russia is known to be the important supplier for the Boeing 777 family and has consistently ranked in the top position from many years. Aeroflot is member of the SkyTeam and hence to be in the participation of many events, they have order the six Boeing 777-300ERs and two Boeing 777-200ERs.

The British Aviation, in the year 1920 introduced the line up production for the Dehavilland Aircrafts. Geeoffrey de Havilland, the chief designer of the Dehavilland Aircrafts sold the BSA later to the George Holt Thomas. This was further renamed the company with totally new based rules, policies and off course various modifications & designs touch to the Passenger Jet Aircrafts. The company later was shifted to Hertford shire in small town called Hatefield.

It was founded that the Dehavilland Aircrafts were the one who took a major step, for the introduction of the best ever “Passenger Jets Aircrafts”. The innovative designs and concepts attracted many buyers; rather there was huge space for the corporate world, amongst celebs, Politicians and many high profile people. They mainly focused n the either tow seats or single biplanes, and made a benchmark for the line up production in the DH Aircrafts, powered with Gipsy engines.

The superior performance, wooden construction designs in the initial stage, powered with Gipsy engines and several other factors were the major attraction for the Dehavilland. There were several models and types in the Aircrafts, offered by the Dehavilland such as Dehavilland DHC-3, Dehavilland DHC-1, Dehavilland DHC-4,  Dehavilland DHC-6, Dehavilland DHC-9A, Dehavilland DHC-10 Amiens, Dehavilland DHC-12,Dehavilland DHC-37, Dehavilland DHC-18, Dehavilland DHC-29 Doncaster, Dehavilland DHC-15 Gazelle, Dehavilland DHC-5, Dehavilland DHC-9,  Dehavilland DHC-9C, Dehavilland DHC-11 Oxford,  Dehavilland DHC-14 Okapi, Dehavilland DHC-16, Dehavilland DHC-27 Derby,  Dehavilland DHC- 34, Dehavilland DHC-42 Dormouse and various products.

Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver is one such model powered with Gipsy engines, purposely built for the passenger accodomation to enjoy the services in terms of Jet Aircrafts. It was first introduced in the market in 1947 and was widely used in Korean and Vietnam wars for relaying radio traffic, rescue missions, personnel battlefields, mapping troopy, hauling freight and for various reasons. The popularity made the makers to extend the particular model with several advanced options in the Dehavilland DHC-2T.

The Dehavilland DHC-2T is a small, single seat biplane and more often wrapped with pusher designs. Most of the time in the Aviation Industries, the Dehavilland DHC-2 received various awards and recognition because of the multifunction and facilities they offered. Overall the Dehavilland Aircrafts are truly excellent, powered with culminated engines and elegant comfort & designs.

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