1964 Saab J35 Draken

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The Saab J35 Draken was a Swedish fighter aircraft developed by Saab in the 1950s and used by the Swedish Air Force. It was the first supersonic aircraft to be operated by Sweden and was designed as an interceptor, but it was also used as a ground attack aircraft. The Draken was powered by a single Rolls-Royce Avon turbojet engine, and was equipped with an afterburner for additional thrust. It was capable of Mach 2, and had a maximum speed of 1,210 kilometers per hour. The Draken was armed with two 30mm cannons and an air-to-air missile system, and could carry up to four air-to-ground missiles. The Draken saw service in the Swedish Air Force until 1998, when it was replaced by the Saab JAS 39 Gripen.


  • Total Time: 788
  • Engine 1 Time: 244 SMOH
  • RM6C
  • 1441 Total Time Since New
  • 244 Since Overhaul
  • Spare engine included
  • 1239 Total Time Since New
  • 407 Since Overhaul
  • TBO 3000 hours
  • Some original
  • King KX 155 Nav/Comm
  • Garmin 430
  • Garmin GTX 330 Transponder
  • Aerobatic
  • Experimental / Homebuilt
  • Warbird

1964 Saab J35 Draken 0 reviews

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