1977 Cessna 180K

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The Cessna 180K is a light six-seater high-wing aircraft with 230 hp engine. (172 kW) Continental O-470-U which lists AVGAS 100 or 100LL; Designed for AVGAS 80 (previously called 80/87), GVW 2,800 lb (1270 kg) land array and first certified on August 19, 1976.

The Cessna 180K is known for its ruggedness and versatility, and it has been widely used for a variety of purposes, including personal transportation, bush flying, and air ambulance work. It has a range of about 1020 miles and a top speed of around 170 mph.


  • Aircraft Total Time: 3228
  • Engine Time: SMOH 469
  • Engine Type: Continental O-470-U - 230HP - SN 465945
  • Propeller Time: SMOH 469
  • Propeller Type: McCauley C2A34C - SN 060494
  • Annual Due: 16th June 2023
  • Garmin G500 glass cockpit ADS - including GDU620 PFD/MFD - integrating: GRS77 AHRS; Temp probe;
  • GMU44 magnetometer; GDC74 ADC; G430 GPS Navigator (redundancy); FULL-IFR features including ILS/VOR/RNAV approach capabilities; ADS-B and TCAS capabilities;
  • Garmin G750 GPS touch screen GPS Navigator
  • Garmin G5 couple - attitude indicator and directional gyro indicator ;
  • S-TEC Twenty Roll/Pitch autopilot
  • Garmin GTX335 Transponder;
  • Kannad 406AF-Compact ELT;
  • EDM 930 engine monitoring cpu - including MAP and Tachometer indicators; CHT and EGT indications;
  • Tablet Flush mount;
  • Digital timer;
  • USB Power outlet - 2 pilot side; 2 passenger side
  • Pilot side yoke mounted push-to-talk button
  • classic;
  • Cessna-style yokes;
  • Eyebrow lights;

1977 Cessna 180K 0 reviews

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