1979 McDonnell Douglas MD 500D

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The McDonnell Douglas MD 500D is a light utility helicopter developed by the American aviation company McDonnell Douglas. Developed from the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse, the MD 500D is an improved version of the original design that was originally introduced in 1983. It has a maximum speed of 140 knots (161 mph), a range of 345 nmi (398 mi), and a service ceiling of 15,000 ft. The MD 500D is equipped with one main engine and a tail rotor, and it can carry up to six passengers. It is used primarily for light transport, observation, and training missions.


  • RR250-C20B Engine with fresh 3500hr
  • Turbine Overhaul on all 4 Wheels (new wheels installed)
  • Pulse Light Kit
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Engine Compressor Wash Kit
  • Facet Oil Filter Kit
  • Anti-Ice Fuel Filter
  • Heat Guard
  • Lead Acid Concorde Battery
  • Kannad 406 ELT - VSI - Slip Indicator - Torque Indicator - 3 Pack Indicator - NAT 136D VHF Radio - 660 GPS - NAT AMS 42 Audio Panel - Certified Door Hinges - Bleed Air Heating System - Pneumatic Door Openers - Keeperless Cargo Hook - AUTO Re-Ignition Kit - Load Cell - Dual Gauges In Door - Soloy Tundra Boards - Heli Logistics Particle Separator - Copilot Foot Rest - Cargo Mirror - Cargo Pod Provisions - Cargo Hook

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