1997 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III

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The Glasair III is a high-performance aircraft kit made by Glasair Aviation. It is a two-seat, single-engine plane that is popular among homebuilders and pilots for its speed, versatility, and handling. The Glasair III is available in several different models, including the RG (Retractable Gear), the Super III, and the Sportsman 2+2. The kit is designed to be built by individuals using the company's detailed plans and instructions, and can be powered by a variety of different engines.


  • Total Time: 1200
  • 1. Glasair lll: Fresh Annual (16 Nov 22); 325 hp, Ly-Con IO-540 w/GAMI injectors; Flown approximately 50 hrs. annually (mostly X-Country). Notice the added "Dorsal Fin" underneath rear of fuselage and enlarged rudder for extra stability and easier spin recovery).
  • 2. IFR Certified; Fully Aerobatic; 225 kts. TAS @ 15 gph @ 11,000 msl; 78 gallons usable fuel.
  • 3. Aspen Avionics EDF 1000 pdf: S-TEC coupled & altitude hold autopilot; JPI EDM-740 6 cylinder engine management system.
  • 4. Garmin 430 WASS Certified GPS; King 165 flip/flop nav/com (recently rebuilt); Garmin 696 w/GXM 40A Smart Antenna with weather; Sporty JD-200 Transceiver; 2 Bose noise attenuating headsets (A20).
  • 5. Garmin GMA 342 Audio Panel; Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Transponder; Artex ME 406 ELT.
  • 6. Optional Large electric flaps; Wingtip extensions; G-meter; Pilot side Hooker Harness; Mechanical fuel pressure gauge; New windshield; Kennon custom aircraft cover; Freshly changed oil in DUAL PUMP landing gear system; Piper External Power single plug receptacle, with PEP jumper cables.
  • 7. Cylinder Press: #1-78/80 #2-78/80 #3-79/80 #4-80/80 #5-78/80 #6-79/80

1997 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III 0 reviews

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