2016 AgustaWestland AW169 Leonardo

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The AgustaWestland AW169 is a twin-engine, multi-role helicopter developed by Leonardo. The AW169 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210 engines, each delivering 1,000 shp (746 kW). It has a maximum cruise speed of 152 knots (282 km/h) and a maximum range of 544 nautical miles (1,004 km). The AW169 is capable of performing a wide range of missions, including EMS/SAR, VIP/corporate transport, offshore transport, and law enforcement. It is equipped with the latest avionics and safety features, such as digital flight control systems, a four-axis autopilot, and a full-glass cockpit with a four-screen display. The AW169 also features a cargo hook and an underslung load system for external loads up to 4,000 kg (8,818 lb).


  • Year of Manufacture: September, 2016
  • Entry Into Service: March, 2017
  • Total Hours Since New: 170.7
  • Total Landings Since New: 417
  • Home Base: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Model: Pratt & Whitney PW210A
  • Serial Numbers: PCE-BP0039 PCE-BP0012
  • Total Hours Since New: 175.3 170.7
  • Total Cycles Since New: 325 303
  • Three Rockwell Collins Display Units 10” X 8” color AMLCD with LED backlight and NVIS compatibility:
  • 2 Primary Flight Displays and 1 Multi-Function Display
  • Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS)
  • Two Display / cursor Control Panels/Devices (DCP/CCD)
  • Reversionary Control Panel (RCP)
  • Two Master Caution / Warning Lights (MCL/MWL)
  • Two Avionics Full Duplex Ethernet (AFDX) switches
  • Two Aircraft Monitoring & Management Computers (AMMC)
  • Data Transfer Device (DTD)
  • Two touch screen control panels
  • Four Axis Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • Two Flight Control Computer (FCC)
  • Flight Control System (FCS) Control Panel
  • Two VHF-AM radios
  • Two NAV (VOR/ILS/MB) receivers
  • One ADF / DME
  • Transponder with Enhanced Surveillance Mode (Mode S)
  • First SBAS GNSS (GPS)
  • Second SBAS GNSS (GPS)
  • Two Audio Control Panels (Pilot and Co-pilot stations)
  • Audio Management Unit interfacing external transceivers
  • Passenger Intercom Amplifier
  • Two flux valves
  • Two Air Data and Altitude Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS)
  • Dual Radar Altimeter
  • Pilot Clock/Co-Pilot Clock
  • Moving map
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Flight Data Monitoring system (FDM)
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Enhanced Vision System – MaxViz EVS-1500
  • ADS-B Out
  • Rotor brake system
  • One solid state Cockpit and Voice Flight Data Recorder with ULB
  • One Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT – 3 frequencies) (fixed)
  • Approach plates chart holders with lights for pilot and co-pilot
  • Co-pilot hinged window (storm window)
  • Anti-icing fuel systems and two magnetic chip detectors (one per engine)
  • Independent dual-channel FADEC systems (one per engine)
  • Fire detection / extinguisher system
  • Crashworthy fuel cells (1140 liters of usable fuel)
  • Filler port for gravity refueling (on left hand side)
  • Dual independent, redundant hydraulic system
  • Retractable swiveling Landing / taxiing lights (2)
  • Provisions Only for Weather Radar
  • Steps for cockpit / cabin access
  • Overhead cockpit window sun shades
  • First aid kit (as per JAR OPS 3)
  • One cockpit and one cabin fire extinguisher (as per JAR OPS 3)
  • Pilot/ Co-pilot crashworthy adjustable seats (with inertial reels and separate 5 points safety belts)

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