1989 Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-300QC

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The Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-300QC is a high-performance turboprop regional airliner manufactured by Alenia Aeronautica, a joint venture between Aerospatiale of France and Aeritalia of Italy. The ATR 42-300QC model is the Quick Change (QC) variant of the ATR 42-300, which was designed to be a more efficient and comfortable alternative to the smaller and less powerful ATR 42-200. The ATR 42-300QC was introduced in 1991, and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW124B turboprop engines. It has a maximum cruise speed of 280 knots (322 mph) and a range of 1,300 nautical miles (1,500 miles). The ATR 42-300QC is capable of carrying up to 46 passengers in a one-class configuration, and can be configured with various cabin layouts to suit specific needs. It is equipped with a large cargo door and can accommodate up to 6.5 tonnes of cargo. The ATR 42-300QC is also equipped with modern avionics and navigation systems, as well as a glass cockpit. It is capable of flying at high altitudes and in a variety of weather conditions. The ATR 42-300QC is widely used by regional airlines and cargo operators around the world.


  • Total Time: 45595
  • Engine 1 Time: 39282 SNEW
  • Engine 2 Time: 35101 SNEW
  • Prop 1 Time: 7431 SMOH
  • Prop 2 Time: 6840 SMOH
  • Additional Mods:
  • • Cargo Quick Change version (Mod 1769 Pax) with ball mats, rollers and 9 containers
  • • Cargo Compartment AFT and front
  • • RNP approach single HT1000 GNSS
  • • Re-enforced cockpit door
  • • Gravel Kits
  • • 42 Leather Seat Configuration
  • • Toilet / lavatory compartment
  • • -54C envelope
  • • Mod 4076 Heavy weight landing
  • • RNP approach single HT1000 GNSS
  • • Galley AFT
  • • Passenger briefing system (Becker digital)
  • • Battery and engine TANIS heaters
  • • 3rd observer comm full station
  • The airplane can be used as Passenger/Cargo /Combi.

1989 Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-300QC 0 reviews

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