2007 Eurocopter EC 145

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The Eurocopter EC 145 is a twin-engine medium-sized utility helicopter produced by the Eurocopter Group, a subsidiary of Airbus. It is a member of the company's EC 145 family of helicopters and is used for a variety of tasks such as passenger transport, search and rescue, and aerial firefighting. The EC 145 is currently available for purchase on the used market with prices ranging from $1.2 million to $2.2 million depending on the year, model, and condition of the aircraft.


  • Total Time: 2196
  • Avionics Solution B1 with:
  • MEGHAS Flight Control Display System
  • GPS/NAV/COM GNS430 Garmin (Pilot & Copilot)
  • Audio Com Control ACU 6100 (Pilot & Copilot)
  • IC Amplifier Becker IC 3100-4-01 Low Impedance
  • Marker Beacon Receiver/LightS KR21 Honeywell
  • DME DMS-44A Chelton / Wulsfberg
  • Transponder Mode S GTX330 Garmin
  • Radar Altimeter 405B Honeywell
  • TCAS TAS610 Ryan9900 BX (STC)
  • Audio System Switching (STC)
  • NAT AA95-868 Audio Panels
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • Garmin GMX200 Multi Function Display (STC)
  • Artex ELT C406-N HM incl. Nav Option
  • Dual Flight Controls
  • 7” Copilot Instrument Panel with Glare Shield
  • Bleed Air Heating System
  • Air Conditioning/Cooling System Metro (STC)
  • Scavenge Oil Filter
  • Ventilation for Avionics Compartment
  • Battery, Type Saft, ULM, 40Ah
  • Landing & Search Light 400/200 W
  • Additional Electrical Unit for Landing & Search Light 400/200 W SX16 or Mirrors
  • Fuzz Burner for Main Transmission, Engines T/R & Interm. Gearbox
  • Engine Compressor Washing Device & 2ND Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Strobe Lights White
  • Settling Protectors (FP+RP)
  • Emergency Axe Installation (STC)
  • Comfort Improvement Kit
  • Pilot & Copilot High Adjustable Seats
  • DZM Satellite / Cellular Phone Installation (STC)
  • AAT VIP Interior (STC)
  • Cabin Configuration: 2+8 Leather Club Seats

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