2014 Diamond DA42 Twin Star

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The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four-seat, twin-engine aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries. It is primarily used for personal and business travel, as well as pilot training. The aircraft is equipped with two Austro AE300 diesel engines, which are known for their fuel efficiency and low operating costs. The DA42 Twin Star has a range of approximately 1,500 miles and a maximum speed of around 210 knots (240 mph). It is also equipped with advanced avionics, including a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. Overall, the Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a reliable and efficient aircraft that is well-suited for a variety of aviation needs.


  • Total Time: 1778
  • Engine(s):
  • Austro E4 AE300 168 HP Each
  • (Engine TBO 1800 hours)
  • Time Since Overhaul: 18 hours LH/RH
  • (Installed April 2021)
  • Propeller(s):
  • MT Propeller MTV-6-R-C-F/CF190-69
  • Time Since New: 1778 Hours LH/RH
  • Avionics:
  • Garmin G1000WAAS/LPV/ADSB
  • Audio Panel GMA1347 (With 4 place intercom)
  • PFD GDU-1040
  • MFD GDU-1045
  • Engine Interface GEA-71
  • AHRS GRS-77
  • Magnotometer GMU-44
  • Digital Autopilot GFC-700 IFCS
  • AP Features NAV/GPS/LPV/VS/Preselect/AFCS
  • Transponder GTX-345R ADSB IN/OUT
  • Avidyne Traffic TAS-600
  • Additional Options/Features:
  • Standard Range Tanks
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Standby Instruments AI/ASI/ALT
  • Ground Power Socket
  • Whelen LED NAV/Strobe Lights
  • Xenon Landing & Taxi Lights
  • Heated Pitot
  • Gear and Stall Warning System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Electrically Operated Flaps
  • Tinted Sun visors
  • 406 ELT
  • Nose Baggage Compartment

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