2020 Van’s RV-7/7A

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The Van's RV-7 and RV-7A are popular kit aircraft that were designed and produced by Van's Aircraft, a company based in Oregon, USA. The RV-7 is a two-seat, single-engine airplane that was designed to be built by amateurs from a kit. The RV-7A is similar to the RV-7, but it has a tailwheel instead of a nosewheel, which makes it more suitable for operation on rough or grassy surfaces. Both the RV-7 and RV-7A are known for their performance, reliability, and versatility, and they have been popular choices for recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world.


  • Total Time: 200
  • Factory New Lycoming IO 360 A1B6 Fuel Injected Engine (200 Hours)
  • GTN 750 XI GPS Integrated to Dynon HDX System with dedicated GA 35 WAAS antenna
  • GMA 35C audio panel integrated to Dynon System
  • Flight Stream 510
  • GDL 69A Sirius XM receiver with GA-55 Antenna for on board XM weather and music
  • Dual 10" Dynon Sky View HDX Displays with Synthetic Vision, Navigation Mapping, Engine Monitoring & dual backup batteries
  • Dual Dynon ADAHRS
  • Dynon Integrated Mode S Class 1 Transponder & dual band ADS-B traffic and weather
  • External Sky View VHF Com Radio Controller
  • External Autopilot Control Panel with Auto level button, Envelope Protection, IAS, VS, GPSS, Heading, Nav VNav Modes (Fly fully coupled approaches down to minimums and go around mode)
  • External Control Knob Panel to adjust altitude heading and vertical speed IAS
  • Microkit Solutions 70 Ft Lidar Landing Height System
  • VPX Power Controller
  • Comant VOR/LOC/GS Antenna CI-157P
  • Guardian AERO 353 carbon monoxide detection Unit
  • 12V Stainless Steel Power Receptacle - for B Cool unit
  • Pilot FLX Red and White LED adjustable glare shield mounted panel lighting
  • Dual USB charger for charging IPAD and Phone in flight
  • Flap down switch disabled above 95 knots
  • New custom powder coated instrument panel with laser engraving
  • Marker Beacon
  • Dual Infinity Aerospace Grips with Pilot and Passenger Autopilot Disconnect, Aileron and Elevator Trim, Push to Talk & Voice Commands
  • Flightline Interior Panel Cover to keep rain from ruining the avionics
  • Artex 345 406 MHZ ELT with panel mounted reset
  • Magnetic Compass with night lighting
  • Oversized oil cooler and front landing gear from RV10
  • Annual Condition Inspection completed 6/29/22

2020 Van’s RV-7/7A 0 reviews

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