2021 Cirrus Vision Jet G2+

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The Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ is a single-engine, seven-seat light jet aircraft produced by Cirrus Aircraft. It is an upgraded version of the Cirrus Vision Jet G2 and incorporates new features such as improved performance, updated avionics and comfort, and an upgraded interior. The G2+ features a new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F engine with 1,843 pounds of thrust, providing enhanced takeoff performance and a top speed of 345 knots. The avionics suite includes a Garmin G3000 Pro™ with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) and the latest in autopilot technology. The G2+ also features a new wing design, which provides up to a 15% improvement in climb rate, improved stall speed, and greater fuel efficiency. The interior of the G2+ has been redesigned to provide greater comfort and luxury for passengers, with a new cabin layout, seating configuration, and amenities. The G2+ is expected to be available for delivery in early 2021.


  • AIRCRAFT TT: 220
  • Cycles: 191
  • Avionics
  • Perspective Touch+ by Garmin Safe Return (TM)
  • Emergency Autoland System
  • 14" High Resolution Displays
  • 3 Landscape Touchscreen Controllers
  • Multi-Function Windows
  • All-Digital Audio Panel
  • TAWS-B
  • Terrain & Obstacle Awareness
  • Dual WAAS
  • GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
  • Complete Aircraft Systems Synoptics CMC -
  • Enhanced Data Logging
  • Dual AHRS,
  • ADC & Pitot
  • Static NextGen Transponder (ADS-B Out)
  • ADS-B In
  • Weather and Traffic Synthetic Vision Technology
  • FliteCharts & SafeTaxi
  • XM Weather & Audio Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
  • 3-Axis All-Digital Autopilot w/Blue Level Button ELITE (Includes All):
  • Generation 2 FL310 Service Cycling with RVSM Capability
  • Garmin Flight Stream 510 Quieter Cabin Autothrottle
  • Enhanced Awareness Digital Real-Time Weather Radar
  • Enhanced Vision System Surface Watch ChartView
  • Pro Pilot Traffic Avoidance System (TCAS-1)
  • TAWS-B Terrain & Obstacle Awareness
  • 3rd AHRS, ADC & Digital Transponder
  • Features/Options
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) - Repack due July 2030
  • Enhanced Thrust
  • Flight Into Known Icing System (FIKI)
  • Improved Electrical System w/Intelligent Batteries
  • Air Conditioning w/Automatic Control “cockpit and cabin"
  • Trailing-Link Landing Gear
  • Auto-Deploy Passenger Oxygen
  • Pilot Quick-don Oxygen Mask
  • USB Power Ports
  • 8000 ft. Pressurized Cabin
  • Stall Recognition
  • Stick Shaker &
  • Pusher Cargo X
  • 300 lb. Baggage Capacity
  • Wifi
  • 2 yrs and 400 hrs of flight stream

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