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The Waco UPF-7 is a vintage biplane that was produced by the Waco Aircraft Company in the 1930s. It was a popular aircraft for both personal and commercial use, and was used for a variety of purposes including touring, bush flying, and crop dusting. The UPF-7 was a single-engine, open cockpit biplane with a fabric-covered steel frame. It was powered by a variety of engines, including the Jacobs L-4 and Continental W-670. The UPF-7 had a maximum speed of about 150 mph and a range of about 400 miles. It was known for its rugged construction and versatility, and many are still flying today as vintage aircraft.


  • 220hp W-670 Continental
  • 275hp R-755-B2 Jacobs
  • 300hp R-754-A2 Jacobs
  • Fully warranted engines built to perfection by Air Repair Inc. With all modern updates.
  • Garmin GTR-225 Com
  • Lynx NGT-9000 Transponder/ADS-B
  • Garmin aera-560 GPS/XM

Waco UPF-7 New 0 reviews

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