1968 Сessna O-2A Skymaster specific

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The Cessna O-2A Skymaster (also known as the O-2) is a military version of the Cessna 337 Super Skymaster, a twin-engine aircraft used for observation and forward air control. It was developed for the United States Air Force in the 1960s and was used extensively during the Vietnam War. The O-2A has a distinctive configuration, with one engine mounted in the nose of the aircraft and the other mounted on the tail. It can seat up to four people, including the pilot and co-pilot, and is equipped with various systems and equipment for its military role, such as radios, cameras, and weapons. The O-2A was used for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, air traffic control, target marking, and flare dropping. It was eventually replaced in the 1980s by newer aircraft.


  • Total Time: 2898 hours
  • VHF #1 - VHF 20A, Gables G5384,
  • Dual frequency control
  • VHF #2 - VHF 20B,
  • Gables G4481,
  • Extended Frequency Range Nav - VIR 30A,
  • Gables G4481,
  • Series 801 FM - LOW / HIGH / UHF,
  • Wulfsberg Flex Comm 1000 Series: RT-30/ RT-138F/ RT-406, C-1000 Control HSI - Collins PN-101 Slaved Compass system GPS - KLN 900 Flight Management System ACI - MD41-928 GPS / HSI Switching display MFD - MX-20 Multi Function Display Unit TAS - L3 Skywatch 497 Traffic Advisory System ADC - ADC-200 Air Data Computer with Fuel Flow XPDR - (2) TDR-90 GablesG4746 Dual Transponders Audio - NAT AA95 Four Place
  • Audio Panel with IFE Input AT35 - Antenna tuner - FM RT-30
  • Low frequency tuner Guardian Remote C/O Detector Auxiliary power plug - 12 Volt Hobbs Meter - Landing gear up/down activation ELT - Airtex G406-4, 121.5 / 406 MHZ Dual encoding units for GPS / Altimeter / MFD / XPDR

1968 Сessna O-2A Skymaster specific 0 reviews

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