1968 Cessna T337 used

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The Cessna T337 Skymaster is a twin-engined pusher aircraft that was produced by Cessna between 1963 and 1982. It is a development of the earlier T-303 Crusader and was succeeded by the T-34 Turbo-Mentor. The Skymaster is a push-pull monoplane and is powered by two piston engines, one mounted at the nose and one at the rear of the pod-style fuselage. The main feature of the Skymaster is its unusual engine configuration, with the engine in the rear of the fuselage driving a tractor propeller and the engine in the nose driving a pusher propeller. This provides the pilot with improved visibility compared to a single-engined aircraft, allowing them to better spot traffic and obstacles. The aircraft is also very stable in flight due to its center of gravity being between the two engines.

The T337 was originally designed for use by the military, but it was soon adopted by the civilian market. It was popular with private pilots and flight schools due to its stable flight characteristics and its relatively low cost. The aircraft was also used by air charter companies due to its ability to carry up to six passengers.

The Cessna T337 is no longer in production, but there are still many of these aircraft in operation today. The aircraft can be found in the used market, and prices will vary depending on condition and age.


  • Total Time: 6553
  • Engines:
  • Super Skymaster
  • Turbocharged Continental TSIO-360 Engines
  • Avionics / Equipment:
  • GTX-330ES ADS-B out transponder
  • GNS-530W GPS/Nav/Com
  • KX-155A Nav/Com
  • NAT Audio Panel
  • KI-209 Glideslope indicator
  • Ki-209 Glideslope indicator
  • NAT NPX-136D FM Transceivers
  • TAS600 TCAS
  • Bendix/King Marker receiver
  • Floscan 450 - fuel flow indicator
  • EDM-760 Engine monitor

1968 Cessna T337 used 0 reviews

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