1963 Aero Commander 500B\Shrike Nose

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The Aero Commander 500B was a light twin-engine piston-powered aircraft developed in the United States during the 1960s. It was designed by Ted R. Smith and manufactured by the Aero Design and Engineering Company. The 500B was an improved version of the earlier Aero Commander 500 and featured an increased maximum takeoff weight. It had a maximum speed of 200 knots and a range of 1,150 miles. It was powered by two Continental IO-520 engines, each producing 300 horsepower. The 500B was equipped with two sets of landing gear and could seat up to seven passengers and two crew members. It was used for both passenger and cargo transport, as well as for corporate and private use.


  • Total Time: 5100
  • Engine(s):
  • Textron Lycoming Engines
  • 290 HP
  • 1085/890 SMOH
  • RayJay Turbo Charger MOD
  • GAMI Fuel Injectors
  • M-20 Air-Oil Separator STC MOD
  • Prop(s):
  • Hartzell Props
  • 430/715 SPOH
  • Avionics:
  • Dual Garmin SL-30 Nav/Com's
  • Garmin GMX 200 MFD
  • WX-500 Stormscope displayed on MFD
  • GX 50 GPS
  • Apollo GPS ACU Annunciator
  • KN 64 DME
  • Garmin GMA 345 Bluetooth Audio Panel With 6 Place ICS
  • KT76 Transponder With ADS-B Tail Beacon
  • King Radar Altimeter
  • STEC 50 Autopilot with Altitude Hold
  • Blaupunkt ACS2500 entertainment center
  • Model LC-2 Quartz Chronomter
  • Shrike Nose
  • Eyebrow Tinted Windows
  • Flap Gap Seals
  • Square Rudder Cap
  • Extended Tail Cone
  • Winglets
  • Frameless Pilot & Co-Pilot Windows
  • Half Inch Dark Tinted Cabin Windows
  • RayJay Turbo Normalized System
  • Cool Air A/C System
  • Aircenter 90 Amp Alternator STC
  • Scott Built In Oxygen System
  • Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
  • Crew Shoulder Harness mod
  • Full De-Ice Boots
  • Hot Props
  • Alcohol Windshield
  • Extended Baggage Mod
  • Un Feathering Accumulators
  • New Low Fuel Warning Mod With Audio & Visual Indicators
  • Aircraft Components Gear Alert Warning System
  • Gear And Stall Audio Warning System
  • Aircenter Split Nose Bowl STC
  • Aircenter Nacelle Recognition Light STC With HID Lights
  • New Extensive Annual Inspection
  • 6000 Hour Wing Spar Inspection AD 98-08-19 Just C/W . Next due in 1000 hours
  • 500 Hour Prop S/B Just C/W

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