1965 Cessna 310J twin engine airplane

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The Cessna 310J is a light twin-engine aircraft that was produced by cessna between 1965 and 1980. It was originally designed as a small, economical twin for use by businesses, but it has also been used as a personal aircraft. The Cessna 310J is a relatively simple aircraft to fly and is known for its good handling and performance. It is typically equipped with two piston engines and can seat up to six people, depending on the variant. The aircraft has a range of around 1,000 miles and a cruising speed of around 200 mph. It has a reputation for being a reliable and efficient aircraft, making it a popular choice for private pilots and small businesses.


Wingspan: 36' 11"

Length: 29' 6"

Height: 10' 0"

Gross Weight: 5,100 lbs.

Useful Load: 1,643.20 lbs.

Actual Fuel Capacity: 130 gals.


  • Registration: N3042L
  • Serial Number: 310J0042
  • Airframe Time: 5,894 hours total time
  • Audio Panel: PS Engineering PMA8000BT Bluetooth digital audio, 3LMB, music port
  • Nav/Com/GPS: Garmin GNS 530 WAAS Nav/Com/GPS
  • GPS: Garmin GPSmap 496 portable GPS with AirGizmos panel mount
  • Nav/Com: King KX 165 TSO Nav/Com
  • GPS/VOR/LOC: King KI 202 GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation indicator
  • EFIS PFD: Aspen Avionics Evolution EFD 1000 Pro color primary function display
  • EFIS MFD: Aspen Avionics Evolution EFD 500 color multifunction display
  • ACU: Aspen Avionics analog converter unit
  • Gyro: RCA 2600 digital attitude indicator with ESP1 emergency standby power
  • Autopilot/FD: S-TEC System 30 autopilot with GPSS option
  • Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder
  • ADS-B Out: Aspen Avionics ATX100 ADS-B Out transceiver
  • Engine Mgmt.: Ultra Electronics AuRACLE CRM 2130 color engine management system
  • ICS: Four place intercom std. jacks via PMA8000BT audio panel, two music ports
  • Compass: Vertical card compass
  • OAT: Davtron C307PS outside air temperature probe connected to GTX 330
  • Chronometer: Davtron M800 digital chronometer
  • ELT: Artex ME406 ELT with panel mounted switch and indicator
  • CO Detection: CO Guardian carbon monoxide detector
  • Dual USB auxiliary power ports in center console
  • Pilot control yoke with PTT and map light switches
  • Copilot control yoke map light switch

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