2020 Global 6500

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The Global 6500 is a long-range business jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace. It was announced in October 2018 and entered service in 2019. It is a stretched version of the Global 5000, which was itself a stretched version of the Global Express. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW800 turbofan engines, each with a takeoff thrust of 14,769 pounds-force (65.7 kN). The Global 6500 has a range of 6,600 nautical miles (12,222 km) and a maximum speed of Mach 0.90. The cabin is equipped with the Nuage Chaise, a custom-designed seating system that provides superior comfort and privacy. The aircraft also features an enhanced vision system and the latest in avionics technology. The Global 6500 is one of the most advanced business jets in the world and is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning business travelers.


  • Total Time: 528 hrs
  • Engine(s)
  • Rolls-Royce BR700-710D5-21
  • Serial Number(s): (L) 56023 / (R) 56022
  • Total Time Since New: (L) 568 Hours / (R) 568 Hours
  • Total Cycles Since New: (L) 173 Cycles / (R) 173 Cycles
  • Avionics
  • EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System): Quad - Collins AFD-6520
  • FMS (Flight Management System: Triple - Collins Integrated
  • ADC (Air Data Computers): Triple - Collins ADC-3020
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): Dual - Collins GPS-4000S
  • NAV (Navigation Radio): Dual - Collins NAV-4000
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment): Dual - Collins DME-4000
  • IRU (Inertial Reference System): Triple - Honeywell LASEREF VI
  • HUD (Heads Up Display): Single - Bombardier
  • EVS (Enhanced Vision System): Single - Bombardier
  • SVS (Synthetic Vision System): Single - Collins SVM-6110H
  • VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communication): Triple - Collins VHF-4000
  • HF COM (High Freq. Communications): Dual - Collins HF-9031A
  • SATCOM (Satellite Communications): Single - Collins SDU-2200
  • WX RAD (Weather Radar): Single - Collins RTA-4118
  • LDS (Lightning Detection System): Single - L3 Harris WX-1000E
  • RADIO ALT (Radio Altimeter): Dual - Collins ALT-4000
  • XPNDR (Transponder): Single - Collins TDR-94D
  • TSS (Traffic Surveillance System): Single - Collins TSS-4100
  • CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder): Single - L3 Harris FA2100
  • FDR (Flight Data Recorder): Single - L3 Harris FA2100
  • ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter): Single - Artex B406-4
  • QAR (Quick Access Recorder): Single - Collins QAR-100
  • Features/Options
  • Monitors: Forward and Aft Bulkhead
  • Airshow System: Rockwell Collins
  • Cabin Management System: Rockwell Collins Venue
  • Internet: Ka-Band
  • Phone System: Dual Channel Iridium System

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